What & How of Waking Up Early

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You Will Never Wake up Early If…..

You don't have your WHY. If you do, then only it makes sense to move ahead.

If you Always Fail to Wake up Early, read this!

Other than the tips mentioned below, here is a starter. Jump out in 5 seconds! If you don’t jump out of bed within 5 seconds after your alarm went off, you have lost it.

Drag without a Cue is a Mess

Your brain acquires sleep patterns behind a specific reason to deliver motivation. So, you must have something set up in the morning that is important to you or something that makes you excited.

It’s Not That Good when It's Not that Bad

Another way to deal with your bad sleeping cycle is to keep it bad! When your sleeping cycle is bad, it gets out of control sometimes, such as if you sleep around 4: am and wake up at 2:pm, the next day you will probably sleep around 5:am and wake up later than before.

Bring Your Next Morning the Night Earlier (Pre-environment setup)

This method helps inform your brain about your next day’s wake-up time before. You could set a practical situation for the next day, such as if we follow up on the above-mentioned Cue, placing your tracksuit and joggers on the corner of your bed at night will keep your brain alarmed for the next day’s wakeup task and force it to release stress hormones for the run the next morning.

You Woke Up Early! Now What?

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  1. Lose Everything- I mean meditation. Right after waking up, your brain’s activity could only take you so far with decisions and hectic activities. Its memory to adapt to the routine must be given a chance.
  1. Stop Resting with Eyes Open- Feel amazing that you just woke up when the entire world is sleeping. And now you can feel peace and silence inside you. You may need to warm up your muscles after a frozen sleep at bedtime and Buddha’s magic meditation right after.
  1. Man with a Plan- You must now plan your week and write down essential objectives to achieve this week, that will complement your goal (otherwise irrelevant). This will give a clearer picture of your week ahead and builds more connection with your goal as well.
  1. · Daily tasks breakdown- Now break it down to even smaller tasks. Keep your objectives the same, and write down tasks for your day that should be helping you achieve your weekly objective.
  1. · Read- Last but not least. In the end, you must read valuable books or journals of any kind. That shall represent positivity and fill you with knowledge.


Other than all of this, you must spend a part of your morning routine doing something that feeds your passion. Your passion could be of any sort. But a part of your morning routine must serve it.



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