How a good environment contributes to your success

What is an environment?

The term “Environment” is broad, it has several definitions and meanings. The basic terminology shall be defined as the surroundings of living and non-living objects that influence a human being and designs its lifestyle ethics.

What is a social environment?

A social environment is a society surrounding your life, ethic codes by some cultures and traditions influence one person’s life accordingly. If you grind a little bit more.

How do you define success?

Before evaluating the amount of influence of the environment on success, you need to understand your definition of success.

Why is the environment important to success?

“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”- Buckminster Fuller

Above mentioned quote clears the question in a good manner. It isn’t something to be unaware that the environment contributes to your success in a much more crucial way than you may think. The beliefs and culture of your surroundings are absorbed by your personality and it drives you accordingly. The quality of your regular decisions and activities is dependent upon what you have learned, it is a journey from what you see to what you seek.

How the habit loop is created by our environment?

The brain is completely adaptive. It actively observes everything around you and drives you on your forces accordingly. What is around in your environment. Your eyes, ears, hand senses, smell and taste sense, and an unseen mind observation are the key channels for your brain to seek your outer world and decide what are your routines that you shall stick to.



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