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Mohammad Abdullah Janjua
6 min readApr 12, 2022
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“Pepsodent” you must’ve heard this name. It is a toothpaste almost every household finds in their basic care collection. Every 8 out of 10 families in the world recommend Pepsodent for their dental health. Tribal areas in East Africa lack food and water, yet in 2019 the digital world has seen viral photos of residents using Pepsodant to keep on smiling for good. Where there is no water, there is Pepsodant.

In its early stages, the product failed miserably to acquire market share in the U.S. Public laughed and questioned its existence. Over half a decade of failure, the founder met ‘Claude Hopkins’, a brand strategist. Claude got on board to promote it appropriately. Surprisingly within 6 months the revenue jumped to $600,000 and led to a cross of $10 million in 2 years.

The business world speaks about the value or a solution to a problem. Only a few know how to market the solution appropriately. This article will state some crucial mistakes online business owners make and a few realistic approaches to make it take off.

3 Common Mistakes that Force your Online Business to Suffer

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It begins to happen in the early stages of your business.

A Hundred Beads but you Need One

Marketing the solution comes after identifying the right solution. Every business has to offer numerous solutions, even if you don’t realize it. However, identifying the right one creates a change.

With Pepsodent, the founder kept forcing people to keep their teeth clean to avoid bacteria. And Claude showed them the hidden purpose. Hopkins targeted relationships such as dating life, marital concerns, workplace impressions, and how a white smile higher the chances of promotion.

Shortcuts are Just for Trails

‘Hey, did you just know we have got the best program to get you the followers you need? Get ready to become rich

The spam folder of your mail is filled with messages like these, it’s good if you dare to ignore them, it is even better if you have tried them because now we are on the same page. Business is just like upbringing a newborn child. The process requires patience, small decisions every day, and strategy. The world talks about people becoming millionaires by working on phones, it’s the truth, not the whole one though. Don’t believe everything you see on social media and don’t believe in shortcuts.

In E-commerce, a lot of people tend to find shortcuts. If you are active on Instagram, you will get spammed by audience sellers, unreasonable revenue-generating offers, etc. Avoid shortcuts and focus on organic marketing.

Grab The Queen and Colony will Follow

Everybody is nobody, but somebody will bring you everybody! -M.A Janjua

Read that again…and again.

Stop Targeting everybody. Why? let us dive into a situation where you are an engineer and have made yourself a car-auto refuel spare tank system, and build an Instagram store. Or wait, you could approach car manufacturers and show them the prototype with key features and mechanisms, I think that sounds more appealing, but how since Instagram has 200million business accounts globally. Why would you spare that opportunity?

It is because your business in particular doesn’t require Instagram’s audience for growth.

Every product/service has a unique client base. Most often, people confuse online businesses to have everyone on board, given its feature of a global approach. Finding your specific group of people is called ‘Market Segmentation. Abandoning this approach leads to a huge failure.

4 Proven Branding Principles to Make them Crave your Connection

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Not with the best but with appropriate approaches, your online business will thrive in the market. Branding is about influence and so I will share tactics from ‘Psychic branding’. The most authentic category of branding in the world.

Emotions own Decisions

To brand your product incredibly, promote the emotion it relates to. People don’t wear FitBit for fashion, it is not at all a fashion icon. But to fulfill the emotion for their self-care and self-awareness.

Numerous brands sell the same product, but why do most people prefer FitBit? Because as well as it sells that emotion, the brand also promotes that emotion.

The first thing for you is to get aware of that thirsty emotion your product/service highlights.

Every product/service in the world has to do something with a particular emotion. Claud Hopkins targeted self-esteem and relationships to promote Pepsodent. A good smile leads to a good life.

In SouthAsia, Coca-Cola is served at almost every happy occasion taking place. It is one of the most used fizzy drinks in the world. For ages, the brand has been seen to advertise particular emotions in their commercials as a subsidiary element for their product. Every commercial presents gatherings/marriage/parties/baby showers, etc, and that makes people think this drink is important to present in front of their loved ones on a hosted occasion.

A Chainsaw that Becomes an Axe

If you know how to hold a wrench but have no practice with the motion to rotate it, it will give you nothing but a tired wrist. Or you must’ve heard that story, a man was cutting a tree with a chainsaw but without knowing how to turn on the rotor. The chainsaw became an ax in his hand.

Social media platforms have enough tools to put your word out. E.g., Instagram’s advertising tools help you with Market Segmentation. You can use them wisely to promote your offers. Moreover, using the right tools is not enough, you have to use them with the right skill set. Online business requires strategic marketing techniques just as a traditional business does. So make sure you learn relevant skills or outsource them.

Look what I just Got…

Go back in your head and reach the point where you got to know about Apple’s first smartwatch, I am sure somebody recommended the product. That is why you are wearing the latest one right now.

A human brain admires familiarity, what if animals spoke and they recommended us a Supreme T-shirt? We wouldn’t become so concerned. But if a fellow human (familiar species) recommends the same thing we would think about it for a moment.

It is a fact when somebody recommends us something, our brain is more likely to believe it, and then move on to convince us to buy it.

So make sure to utilize your upcoming/existing clients to spread the word by themselves, or do something that would encourage them to do so without asking. And here the question arises about how to do that? It leads us to our next point, as follows;

Extra Slice

Always give something for free every time. Or always surprise them with extra. It creates an influence on your targeted audience/clients. Most successful brands always give more than they promise. It could be anything, a moral message with your product, something that would make them feel special, or just anything.

I’ll tell you what I did and it worked. I owned a household product company that operated on Instagram only, and sometimes I used to put a ‘Thankyou’ note in packages with the official stamp of ‘C.E.O’. It worked wonders for me, a time came when some of my clients became obsessed with it and complained when the note wasn’t included in the package. Just like that my sales boosted and I achieved a reputation without spending a dime after that.


The 21st century requires influential branding, which seeks an emotion to target. Everything above will work if you create a tale out of your product. It certainly builds a strong connection with your audience and your online business will thrive over a short period. There is nothing wrong with learning with successful brands, nobody begins to run right after getting born. But when you switch on your seeking mode, you will realize that things don’t work the same way in this era.

In previous eras, choices were scarce, but today everybody has numerous choices for products/services. Certainly, the consumer buys the product which helps them connect with an emotion, or that product/service is backed by a story to tell. Nike does it the best way, it doesn’t promote shoes, it promotes strugglers wearing their shoes while on a journey to success. And that winds up for their storytelling.



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