The impact of words on your emotions

Is it important to become an effective listener? And why?

Well, yes! It is obvious. In our regular life, whether you are a working individual or not, the conversation is a part of our daily life. We tend to speak with numerous people throughout the day. From the bartender to service station employee, your kids to grandma, we talk a lot. And during this exercise, not every sentence makes sense to us, and not every word is reachable to the core of our brain. People have their perceptions and viewpoints on things.

Practical ways to become an effective listener

It is not something you write and act upon, it is something you build in yourself. First of all, you need to accept other people in the world are on their journey facing their respective hurdles.

  1. Switch on your seeking mode- The human brain is designed in seeking mode, that is why it was difficult for me to drive a car the first time, but repeating it 2–3 times made it easier until I blindly take it out from a narrow parking lane.

These are the barriers that are stopping you to become an effective listener

It's common, not everyone is a good listener, yes there are some sugar cheeks, but not everyone. It is a barrier within ourselves. The world speaks to us but doesn’t respond to it appropriately.

  1. Full cup- This term represents both flora and fauna. The one we are talking about represents those people who are actively ready to fire back their answer every while of a minute someone is speaking.

Importance of effective listening in our workplace

In the workplace, it is essential to have cooperative mindsets and effective communications. Even with your senior, you are not fond of beating him in table tennis. This is the kind of sensitivity a workplace has. Thus, it is not an option, rather it is mandatory to be a better listener. It serves with great benefits as well;

Wind up!

As discussed earlier, to be a good listener, be a good human. Your eyes are mostly to see others and not yourself because, for yourself, you know better! But your body and mind need to be responsible for the people who have credited their trust and affection to you. Being a good listener will always serve you in the best way possible, it is like a seed being watered, that wouldn’t only grow its branches, but give birth to treats as well.



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Mohammad Abdullah Janjua

Mohammad Abdullah Janjua

I seek knowledge and wisdom in Books, Researches and the most valuable channel, Human Beings. Welcome to my bubble!