The impact of words on your emotions

Is it important to become an effective listener? And why?

Practical ways to become an effective listener

  1. Switch on your seeking mode- The human brain is designed in seeking mode, that is why it was difficult for me to drive a car the first time, but repeating it 2–3 times made it easier until I blindly take it out from a narrow parking lane.

These are the barriers that are stopping you to become an effective listener

  1. Full cup- This term represents both flora and fauna. The one we are talking about represents those people who are actively ready to fire back their answer every while of a minute someone is speaking.

Importance of effective listening in our workplace

Wind up!



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Mohammad Abdullah Janjua

Mohammad Abdullah Janjua


I seek knowledge and wisdom in Books, Researches and the most valuable channel, Human Beings. Welcome to my bubble!