Workplace Opera to Make you QUIT!

Mohammad Abdullah Janjua
11 min readApr 30, 2022


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“Introduce a problem so the solution promotes itself”- M.A Janjua

You ate that pudding during duty hours, get the hell out of this office and never come back again!

It doesn’t happen like this. Every organization can be put into an investigation for employee rights and redundancy conditions. And so, the senior officials tend to avoid that, but on the other hand, it leads them to approach much better and more clever ways to achieve what they want.

There are a few signs which shall help you to understand if your boss wants you to quit or not.

Disclaimer- These signs are not a stamp on the face, do not judge too quickly or unnecessarily. However, these points are for those who feel like being a victim at their workplace and have already sensed what we are talking about.

  1. The papers aren’t pressed well- Sounds illogical right? If you feel your boss is not providing that ease of work and appreciation for your work anymore, and further attempts to pull out unnecessary mistakes in your work then there is a chance he/she would like you to quit someday.
  2. You were late on the same day two years ago- A common sign in most firms is when they start to dislike someone’s presence, bosses document everything and keep a strict eye on the target.

However, if the seniors are observing the whole department, then everything seems normal. But if you find yourself targeted then there is a chance.

  1. That’s not for you- But it was a few days ago. Your bosses would trust you to complete challenging tasks, but all of a sudden you are receiving underqualified tasks according to your potential. There is a chance they are creating a situation to generate a good excuse for your uselessness in the firm.

“Leave the hammer and so it rusts itself” -M.A Janjua

  1. Do it yourself- Losing support where it is needed, increases your need to quit the place. Sometimes the boss would cut you the resources which help you perform in a better way. And it leads you to underperform and disrupt your designated workflow and qualified results.

If your seniors have suddenly lost interest to support you, you might want to quit as they wish. However, if this is the thing since the day you joined, the organization might have bad leadership and doesn’t particularly want you to quit.

“Where your Absence isn’t noticeable, your presence never mattered” — M.A Janjua

  1. Targeted favoritism- Some organizations have a culture that allows favoritism in the organization, in that situation you are also welcome to do so. However, if you feel it has emerged all of a sudden and is affecting you personally for someone else’s appraisal, it might be an alarming situation.

You see, seniors are devoted to providing the organization with the best, people who give more value to balance sheets are appraised. If you feel there are people or a person who took over your equity position in front of seniors, and also your seniors are responding to them in a way that you are being degraded silently then you should make another plan, stay or quit!

They either want you to quit, if not, then they wouldn’t mind if you do, I think it’s the same.

Time to Make a Move

You are probably unconfident to take any decision. This happens when things are unclear. Such sort of situation keeps you in the flow of analyzing whether your judgment is right or wrong, and further if your decision would benefit you or harm you.

This struggle at work keeps you in a hectic repeatable movement all day and if the toxicity extends over a significant period, it begins to affect your life outside the workplace.

As result, you become weak for strategic approaches and observation or giving this situation another eye to understand it better, and your mind at some point locks you to make a decision straight away. I would say it will be a bluff to decide at this point. Hold on just for a day or two and assess things for yourself.

Should You Quit Your Poisonous Workplace?

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“To have a battle between emotions is better than to concede an exit for instant reward”- M.A Janjua

Because battles let you know the potentials and vulnerabilities of the situation, and thus lead to a better decision. This could be the only battle that is certain to have a victory in the end.

What I am trying to say is your strategical and emotional minds are already fighting a silent battle, and you know it! But you should give an appraisal to this fight and keep every fact on the table to decide what to do and what not to do.

The wisest to do at this moment is to use your brain’s simulation to predict the future.

It must have happened to you when an exciting occasion takes place, and you are just a while away to meet your long-lost friends. Your brain automatically simulates the event and predicts your imaginary version at the occasion, of how would you greet them, how would you drive to the venue, what sort of fun, their response to your achievements so and so.

But the simulation stops right when you see your friends. And then your brain keeps you afloat just according to the situation.

So, simulating your actions to predict the results would be a great help to yourself, while taking a decision right away would just keep you flying with the situation with the lost chance to simulate and tweak the decision.

The things mentioned below will provide a reasonable help;

  • How many Santa Clauses do I have for bills-? Take out a notepad and write all the resources that shall cover your bills until you get the next job, then filter those resources and highlight those which are skeptical, and you will be left with reliable ones like this.
  • How long until the oven switches off-? Your savings account is a sand timer. Once the sand is upside down, your time is gone and now you’ll have to save some electricity for the world by living in the dark, that is one hell of social work. Analyze the time your resources provide you by breaking down the budget.
  • But mom how long for aerobics-? If you have children, you aren’t the only one working at that firm, your children do too. You don’t want to disrupt their life to the extent it affects them more than they could adjust to. Shuffle a page on that notepad, and write down how many strings of that salary are attached to your children.

Studies and necessary needs are not to be exempted obviously. But is their healthy social life dependent on that salary? And if your resources could also feed it until you get the next job. To do it wisely, you can filter their activities and take out the ones which matter the most. Cutting some activities is no big deal, this will also teach them good lessons.

  • Darling meals-? Come on! You don’t want to sabotage that love life. Grab some bucks for that too, consider it important. Let me give you a reality check, in between families, things began to get worse when emotional values are affected by external situations.

If emotional values are kept in a healthy parameter, there is a higher chance you will still lead a healthy life and get yourself out of situations in a much better way.

Things To Realize Before Smashing that Resignation

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Around 4.4 million people have quit their jobs just recently, it is okay if you have decided to be one of them. But beneficial consequences will occur only if the decision is right. And we assume you have decided to do so, but before smashing your resignation like a thug, you need to take care of a few things as mentioned below;

“You realize what you are doing, but not knowing Why you are doing so leads to not knowing what you are doing” — M.A Janjua

  • Understand your ‘Why’- It will help you understand what in the world you wanted from an ideal organization, and what did you get. The gap in between will help you keep an eye on your essential hidden needs and wants, and so this exercise will assist you in finding your next job wisely.
  • Peeking the piggy bank- As discussed earlier. Your savings is an alarming timer that tells you how long you could survive, and also the people who are directly linked to your income.
  • Line up opportunities- Just before telling your employee a pleasant goodbye you must consider lining up some jobs for yourself. But after you have realized your ‘why’ your next considerable organizations shall fill those gaps.

Otherwise, you are just repeating the same mistakes. Just stay calm for a day or two, and save a list of vacancies from the internet or other resources that you might want to consider for your next job.

This way, you will have enough confidence while discussing your resignation, and you won’t be in a ‘needy’ mode emotionally. If so, it will be easier for your toxic seniors to convince you to stay. And it also helps your piggy bank to keep those bucks inside.

  • Consider your departure sugar- I mean your incentives, which include salary (of course), a good experience, and a recommendation letter. In some cases, bosses try not to act politely with resigning employees, but in this case, you are being silently forced to quit due to the toxic organizational culture.

So be humble and ask for your incentives which are going to help you seek a better job afterward.

Things to Avoid Before Quitting Your Toxic Job

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Plenty of dos and plenty of don’ts. We have discussed what you should do, but I want to give you a treat by sharing some things you shouldn’t do before quitting your job.

  • Don’t say a word- Do not tell your co-workers about your plan. I know you have attachments and some things need to be winded up before you quit, but trust me it is wiser not to do so.

So many people have experienced not getting their incentives just because their co-workers talked shit with their bosses about those who were about to quit. What mistake did they do? Shared their plan to quit.

  • Being intolerant- In a way that you couldn’t wait to exit the building. You will have to give a notice for 2 weeks, this helps seniors to end things on good terms, higher the chances for your incentives such as recommendation and experience letters. Moreover, it is ethical to provide a reason to the firm to find an exchange.
  • Not clearing the computer- Don’t tell me you never surfed the internet on your desktop at work, you did. I know that you know that, but they don’t know that and I think they don’t need to.

Most firms will check the computer before an employee gets cleared, and reports have shown disturbing results. Neglecting this step has affected their terms of exiting the hall.

So You’ve Decided to Stay On your Boss’s Nose?

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The reason is yours! If the workplace is still toxic or your bosses are working hard to make you quit the place, and you still want to work for some valid reason. There are a few things you might want to consider. Now it will require you to act differently and work differently, in general, it is going to be hard for you, trust me.

“Have you seen a person cry while flying above glorious clouds? It’s the unpaid pilot”- M.A Janjua

  • Learn to Fly with tears- The nature of your job doesn’t matter, it might sound appealing while describing, but the inside image is always different. If you want to deal with it, just deal with it.

What I mean by flying with tears is you need to learn to live in your zone. Do whatever is on your desk and never think what they think. Just don’t crash the plane though.

  • Meditate- It helps when you are not quitting a toxic workplace or a place where your boss is trying to make you quit. Only you understand your reasons to stay.

However, it is not easy to do so, stress will come across your path more often if you are not mentally strong in this case. Meditation will allow you to achieve that Self-zone, it is amazing. You don’t get hit by other people’s words, thoughts, and actions that morally hurt you. So it will be easier for you to stay for a reasonable period.

  • A balanced day- Studies have claimed most resignations occur due to failure in balancing work life with other aspects of life. Since you have decided to stay in this toxic workplace, your health needs to keep the boundaries and assume your workplace is an 8-hour blizzard and nothing more than that.

You must have heard ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I would say What happens at work stays at work’. Sounds good right?

  • You’re my kind of man- Except for your bosses, if your co-workers are also toxic, leave the group, leave the department, and find anyone who connects with you in the building.

Even if that person appears to be a security guard, what’s better than a friend with a rifle? Lol. Your brain admires familiarity, and when it finds a group or individual similar to your perspectives/experiences/lessons/beliefs, etc.

It tends to release a sense of protection in the place or at the moment, this will help you to stay longer in that work without being so stressed out.

  • Eat whatever is on the plate- Toxic bosses or the ones who want you to quit commonly cuts the resources for your task completion and also assign you some irrelevant tasks. Just do it, don’t complain, smile, and take whatever they assigned. Give your best to the firm until your goal is achieved.

Pro Tip- Employees at NASA always clap after crashing a rocket that’s worth millions. I want you to do the same while getting off the building at the end of the day, give yourself a hoot or applause, and take a deep breath as today was an achievement.

Don’t crash anything though!

This way, your brain will sense a stressful occasion/routine has passed over and automatically trigger reward mechanics to give you a craving for enlightening activities.

It will enhance your mood and keep you healthier, and if you think about it carefully, as result it intends to make it easier for you to balance work life with other sets of life.


Whether you’ve decided to leave or stay under disturbing circumstances at your workplace, either way, it is going to be hard for a while. But if you sit down for a moment, and give it a deep thought you will realize that even if your workplace isn’t toxic, your failure to balance sets of life makes it toxic for you. And if the workplace is toxic, any of your decision will require discipline, and this study was meant to help you with that.



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